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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Bead soup Arrived

happy mail today. I got my BEAD SOUP from Nikki Banham-Hall in the UK. I think the British postal system beat Canada Post as we mailed our packages on the same day.  I got mine today, just over a week from Britain to Kilmarnock ON. Not bad at all.
Here is the great mix Nikki sent me
they include: -hand made ceramic beads ( one focal leaf pendant and three pairs of coordinating rounds )from BLUEBERRI BEADS in the UK.; great big smokey quartz rounds , some are very light in colour and some are almost opaque grey,( that's the great thing about natural stones, there is so much variety from one bead to another.); the medium size ones are fossil stone, so creamy and soft in colour, and finally gorgeous faceted amethysts (my mom's birthstone) and a handmade toggle clasp in copper.
I love this mix of colours and I have a thing for LEAF focals, love them, and this one is stunning and purple, my fave colour .
thanks to Nikki for this great soup , i already have some ideas churning in my head about what to make with all these fab beads. I don't think I'll have to use any of my stash to make something spectacular. we'll see >>wink<<
I hope Nikki gets her soup soon. Can't wait to hear if she likes it. (hope she does)
Update: Nikki got her beads the same day so the postal race is a tie.
pop on over to  her blog to see what I sent.


  1. What a pretty soup, lucky you! That is pretty fast service I must say.

  2. I am so glad you like it. I love the bead soup that you sent me. I love the colours of the agate and the little polar beads are so cute. I have lots of ideas, I can't wait to sit down and start making something.
    Nikki x