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Monday, 3 September 2012

well now I've done it

I recently re-inherited two chests of drawers my kids don't need and decided to use them in my crafting space. Have you heard the expression -"opening a can of worms"? well I've spent the past week trying to re-org my space and I hit a brick wall. I've spent the better part of this weekend trying to place my STUFF where I think it will best be used, I relocated my stamp sets (please dont ask how many i have it's too embarrassing to say.) and i am very pleased with how it is working but the PAPER -OMG the PAPER- plus I had to redo my groupings as CTMH has downsized and re-organized their colour palette. so now I have two sets of CS stacks , One for current and another for the older card-stock that I still have a plethora of and it matches the older patterned paper I am still using up. So I have nothing new to show as I've been swamped with this re-org process.
 I thought Labour Day was supposed to be a holiday. ha.

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  1. take a deep breath, it's only paper. And if you are embarrassed to say how many stamp sets you have--don't be. I am proud to have more stamps than I realitisically need. It's an addiction. Just own up to it and it will all be fine.